Bafana Bafana’s Coach Troubles

When the South African Football Association (SAFA) President, Kirsten Nemathandani, confirmed that it had decided to part ways with Joel Santana after ‘a very long heart to heart meeting’, the Bafana Bafana seemed rudderless. Nemathandani was at pains to stress that the decision to terminate the contract had been amicably decided upon in the interest of the bigger picture. And with that decision, assistant coaches Julio Leal and Pitso Mosimane, suddenly found themselves in charge as caretaker coaches of a team that’s eager to wear their World Cup soccer jerseys and make a mark on home ground next year.

It seems Santana was severe criticized after a series of poor results shown by the South African national team. Bafana Bafana managed to win just one out of the nine international matches they played post the Confederation Cup. Due to this, the SAFA put together a technical team to look into the reasons for the team’s poor performance and offered former coach of South Africa, Carlos Alberto Parreira, his earlier job back! A representative from the SAFA made him an official offer to succeed sacked fellow citizen, Santana, in Rio de Janeiro.

Parreira, who led Brazil to World Cup victory in 1994, joined as South Africa’s national team coach only to leave the job in April 2008 due to his wife’s illness. It looks like both sides are keen to seal the deal at the earliest, though initially Parreira wouldn’t disclose whether he had accepted the offer or not. He did mention though that his return was ‘on track’. Explained Parreira, «Some things still have to be approved, it’s a decision that has to be made by the government. There’s a proposal on the table that hasn’t been signed, but there is mutual interest. They have an urgent need because it’s about the national team of the country that will host the World Cup…»

If 66 year old Parreira takes this coaching job, it will be his sixth World Cup as coach! He made it clear that his aim would be to reach the second round at least, thereafter the whole thing is a lottery. «It will depend on the group which comes out of the draw. The hosts have greater expectations, their fans are emotional and rather irrational,» said


Though his role as Bafana Bafana’s coach seems more and more likely with each passing minute, the response to his return after an 18 month gap has been mixed. The national team captain, Aaron Mokoena, welcomed the move, whereas Clive ‘The Dog’ Barker felt a local coach would’ve been a better replacement. He explained, «I wasn’t surprised, but I would have liked to see a local coach given the chance and I think Gavin Hunt would be the best choice.» But Barker also emphasized the need for a united front once Parreira returns to his role as coach. With just eight months to go, Parreira has his job cut out for him, since the SAFA, Bafana Bafana and the South African fans are all keen to see their country take pride of place in the centre of the pitch in their World Cup soccer uniforms, South African flag in hand as they sing their national anthem…

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Sports uniforms are not all about spark and glamor. Today, if you can’t take your eyes off your favorite athletes running around in their stylish jerseys – know for a fact that much of their «on-field style or charishma» stems from the jerseys adorning them as well. An uncomfortable uniform ends up affecting on-field mobility and performance as well. There is no room for «style» under such circumstances. Selecting sports uniforms for respective teams remains a matter of sagacity. A lot of thought goes into selecting the right one. Today, we will just discuss the same. Read on to discover.

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Mexican Soccer Teams – The Mexican National Soccer Team Achievements

The Mexican soccer teams are consists of the best players in Mexico. Though they don’t have as much trophies compared to the teams of Brazil and Argentina, the Mexican players are considered among the best when it comes to excellent strategies and techniques. The Mexican team still managed to prove their best and gained the respect of the millions of fans all over the world.

With the skills and hard work of the players, the Mexican soccer teams managed to win numerous achievements in the sport. Among the achievements of the Mexican team in the World Cup and other international tournament includes:

  • Mexico hosted the World Cup in 1970. They were able to make the lead when they were able to beat El Salvador and Belgium.
  • The 1986 World Cup was again hosted by Mexico. The Mexican team managed to make it on top when the win against Belgium, Iraq and Bulgaria.
  • The year 1990 had been a turning point for the team. They managed to win the 2nd place in the 1993 Copa America.
  • The 2002 World Cup is another success of the national team when they managed to make it to the finals.

The Mexican team had been actively participating different international competitions despite the fact that they only have a few winnings. For the Mexican team, it is not all about winning but the most important thing for them is the passion and love of the game.

Their high spirits remain and had continuously helped in promoting the beautiful sport to their countrymen.


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