49 opiniones en “Kransnador 0-4 Chelsea FC / BIG WIN!!!”

  1. 0-4! What a big winfor Chelsea! It's nice listening to you share your thoughts of this match. Keep up the great work, Ali!

  2. For the person out there who wants so bad to believe in themselves-you got this! Eye on the prize! You are amazing! Keeping going! Your dreams are almost here! Your Fantastic!

  3. awesome soccer game. Fun and enjoyable to watch.
    Excellent work dear. Thank you for sharing this amazing video.
    Stay safe, healthy and have a blessed day with your family.

  4. Aye broooo – cool vid; hope you upload more often 😀
    Keep it up & thanks a lot for the support! – like°654 ❤️

    Have a great wednesday 😀

  5. I know nothing about this game.. but the name Chelsea catches my attention..thanks for a channel like this

  6. hahaha, yes , this is the original football! Excellent Channel . This episode is a keeper. The photos are crystal clear , the narration is perfect, and the content is fun and positive. Thumbs up- 650! I'm on board-Subscribed!

  7. Wow wonderful review of Kransnador vs Chelsea game my friend Ali. Always fun watching your video. Please take care and stay safe.

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