RossonARI Review: AC Milan 2 – 0 Torino | Reaction & Analysis 01/09/21

RossonARI Reactions and Review on AC Milan’s statement victory against Torino, bouncing right back after their loss against Juventus

Stadio San Siro

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28 comentarios

  1. I am personally getting tired of romagnoli. The guy is asking for five million a year and kjaer is carrying him. I also don’t really like Dalot because he doesn’t show much offense and tbh I prefer conti when he plays. Big win!

  2. Hauge's situation formwise is the same as Tonali's imo, if not more difficult.
    They're clearly both greatly talented, but while everyone is patient with Tonali, because he's beginning to play for such a big club, he already had Serie A experience. Hauge joined us from the Norwegian league . If Sandro needed time to get used to our style of play then so does Jens. Worth pointing out that prior to our awful injury crisis, neither of them had any significant play time.

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  3. The first half was so easy that I was impressed then Maresca happened, but even with a ref like him we kept our composure and reacted like gentlemen. I believe that I can ref in Serie A if I need the VAR for the crucial situations and yellow everything else. I swear I couldn't enjoy the win because of him. Anyway, Rafa is waking up, just imagine if he manages to keep the first half performance for the whole 90 min, just imagine. I really liked Casti, I know he could do better, and still can, and this game was a good sign for what's to come from him. Hauge is still out of synch with the squad but he is quality. We should just give him time, he is in his first year after all, I'm confident about him he has class. Sandro did good imo. He gives balance to the mid which was evident when he went out. Honestly I can't imagine a Milan without Calabria anymore and he did not do bad out of position but he must play on the right. Our performance as a whole was very good, mature and full of personality.

  4. What a great perform! I was hoping for this, but it wasn't sure after Juventus defeat. During the watch, we had never been worried about Torino, so great. I liked most Diaz and Tonali, unfortunately both get injured. Best performance of the year for catillejo. What a fenomenal Team, thank God for making me rossonero! Grande Ari!!

  5. It's a strange season of playing right-backs in other positions and so far, Calabria and Kalulu have done great jobs. But the Mercato is the solution to cover for the injuries/suspensions, although we are yet to hear any transfer news.

    On another note, I never get tired of watching Kessie's penalty kicks.

  6. I'm not worried about Hauge. Hes young, and if you're gonna build your team through young talent, you have to realize young players are inconsistent. All young players. For most, consistency is one of the last things they learn before truly fulfilling their potential. Hauge will find his form again, and when he does we'll be greatdul we stuck with him.

  7. Great win for us!! another point to be noted is that Diaz's style of dribbling requires a lot of his receding leg taking the ball from behind. So quite possible that Diaz was dribbling out Bellotti and it was a genuine foul.

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